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Ladies LIFT

Learn.   inspire.   fierce.   thrive.


Women's Training Group

What to Expect


Private Training Gym

No need to feel insecure during your time in the gym 

Personal Small Group Training Features

a Maximum of 5 Participants

Get one on one personal attention

Get To Know The Women You Train With

& Be Part of a Community

Become close and familiar with your fellow ladies as you train exclusively with one another

Hit Your Goals!



Once a Month

Women's Support Group Session

One time a month a group discussion

will take place with an open dialogue on any and all health, nutrition, & fitness topics.

A great opportunity to open up

and connect with your fellow trainees

Helpful to ask questions or discuss topics 

that someone else may be thinking about

Another opportunity to relate & connect

Once a Month

 Private Nutrition Session

A private nutrition session with your coach

Cover healthy meal planning, macronutrient targets for goals, plant based eating & so much more.



12 Weeks : 3 Months

of Continual Progression

3 Days a Week




11 AM : 1 Hour Training Sessions

November 1st through January 21st

Once a Month Nutrition Session

Once a Month Women's Support Group

3 Payments of $299


Build Your Shape, Confidence, & Connections With Women on the Same Journey!



My hope is to bring together like minded women who encourage and support one another. Let’s end the comparison thoughts and negative self-talk together. This is a community devoted to building not only your shape but to also building confidence within yourself!

Through this program you will learn to trust in the process and trust in your community. 


Forget the mindset about focusing on scale weight, feeling stressed and discouraged. You will reach your goals and feel amazing while doing so. You will work hard but you will never be working hard alone. 


The program is designed with an emphasis on essential compound lifts. The entirety of the program is mapped out with a focused strategy to build your shape. 


This is a women’s program written by a woman who understands your struggles and end goals. I spent years stuck in the cycle of thinking cardio was the answer to get toned. I had my first dieting experience at 13. Throughout middle and high school I continued to struggle with bad body image, disordered eating, and an unhealthy relationship with exercise. Once I discovered the power of lifting it changed my entire life. It can take you lightyears out of your head and will force you to eat properly. 


Along the way I know you will discover

the love for lifting just as I have.

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